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All testimonials are actual comments from our customers. Unlike some companies who will only show you the good, we are giving a more realistic view. We have not paraphrased in anyway. These were taken word for word


Nithin Reddy, Fremont, CA

We are very happy with the closet systems from Closets To Go. We ordered five reach-in closet systems, and they arrived in meticulously packed boxes after about 5 days. What drew me to Closets To Go was the ease of installation. I did not want to spend time assembling drawers, figuring out which sides the screws went on, or which pieces went where, or cutting pieces to non-standard widths. Basically Closets To Go did all the work they possibly could before shipping the closets to us. In the end, the biggest closet (about 10 feet long) took us about 5 hours of installation, while medium closets (about 5 feet) took us about 3 hours. I am also impressed with the quality of the product. The pieces of the system seem to be very strong. This includes the wood, the metal rods, and the drawers.

The couple of snags we had were dealt with promptly by their great Customer Service Department. We were missing a couple of pieces, and another pieced (a drawer railing) was broken. All of these pieces were sent out immediately and arrived within 2 days.

 I have enthusiastically recommended Closets To Go to friends and relatives, and will continue to promote their wonderful product.

Kerry, Savannah, GA

We have really enjoyed our 'closets to go' system. Although it took a bit longer to install than we were expecting, it is well worth it. The ease of the website use and flexibility of design were both very important factors in our purchase. Our closet was so easy to organize after installation and months later it is still just as neat. Overall very happy with purchase

Tiphani Husnander, Stuart, FL

My husband and I could not be any happier with our closet. Your website was so easy to use. It truly made designing a perfect closet, well perfect. My husband was so impressed with everything from the delivery being complete and undamaged to the installation being a snap. We have told everyone about you. Thank-you for giving us a beautiful closet.